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Residential and Commercial Fireproofing

Making new structures fire-resistant is easy when you hire us. RicMor Construction, Inc. offers complete fireproofing services to clients in Boston, Massachusetts. Our team can finish any job properly. We'll also get your construction project done in a timely manner, paying attention to each detail.

Name-Brand Materials

Apply a safety element to your building's structure with the help of our contractors. By hiring us, you can coat your steel frames with spray-applied, fire-resistive materials (SFRMs) intumescent coatings, or have rigid board fireproofing installed. Our experts use the best materials for each job. We use CAFCO products, which are manufactured by Isolatek International.

Applying SFRM

Once we are hired, we'll get right to work. Typically, the SFRMs are applied to frames during the early stages of construction (after the structural steel has been assembled and the concrete flooring has been poured). However, we'll spray the materials for you at any time.

Because the SFRMs arrive to our company in bags, we'll have to mix them on-site. After the products have been mixed, we'll pump them to an applicator to be sprayed on your construction. Our team is open to spraying SFRMs on new and existing structures. We have the skills to spray materials to cover applications that have been damaged.

Rigid Board Fireproofing

For clients who need rigid boards installed, we can put them in accurately. We'll mechanically fasten these 2'x6' sheets to your steel structure using the right tools. If you need your existing boards repaired, we'll be more than happy to fix them. We'll repair your sheets correctly to bring your building up to code.