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Complete Fireproofing Services in Boston, MA

When people go to work in a building of any size, they expect to be safe inside of it. There is a range of threats to a structure, including fire. Flames can cause extensive structural damage, and the smoke they produce can result in an environmental disaster. At RicMor Construction, Inc., we provide effective fireproofing services for construction projects in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

The key to preventing fires in a building is to stop flames fast. As such, our fireproofing specialists believe in using intumescent coating because of its fire-retardant quality. Tests show this type of overlay can resist temperatures ranging from 392°F to 1112°F. An intumescent coating also acts as insulation that prevents the ignition of a fire and slows down the spread of flames. When heated, the overlay forms a foam that protects the metal substrate from fire.

A framework that resists heat is the ideal complement to intumescent coating. Because a framework can help spread fire throughout a structure, it needs extra protection. We recommend a heat-resistant framework that prevents damage from flames and the high temperatures that accompany them. Some of today’s construction framework features substrate fabricated with materials that result in effective fire and heat resistance.

Thank you for your interest in our complete fireproofing services in Boston, MA. Please use the information listed here for questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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