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Options for Fireproofing Structural/Construction Steel: Protecting Your Property from Fire

As a construction company owner, one of your biggest concerns is protecting your projects from unforeseeable disasters. Fire is among the top disasters that can cause permanent damage to a building. In fact, structural steel exposed to high temperatures can weaken, leading to a catastrophic collapse.
Luckily, fireproofing steel and lessening the effects of fire is possible by adopting fireproofing methods. Today, we will dive into some options for fireproofing structural/construction steel and how they can benefit your construction projects.

Intumescent Coatings – These are thick, paint-like materials that expand when exposed to high temperatures. They work by forming an insulating layer that delays the temperature rise of the steel as the fire progresses. Intumescent coatings are perfect for steel that requires aesthetic finishes. After applying the coating, it can be painted to blend well with other building components.

Cementitious Sprays – These materials are made of a mixture of asbestos fibers, cement, and water. They create a barrier that insulates the steel from high temperatures. Cementitious sprays provide excellent heat insulation and fire resistance, making them among the most popular fireproofing methods.

Intumescent Wraps – These flexible materials wrap around the steel to provide insulation against high temperatures. Intumescent wraps are easy to apply and less expensive than other fireproofing methods.

Gypsum Board Enclosures – These plaster-like materials can be applied over steel to form an enclosure. They provide excellent insulation against high temperatures, and their thickness determines how long they can hold against fire.

Fireproofing Concrete – Concrete can also be fireproofed to protect steel. By treating it with fire-resistant materials, concrete can withstand high temperatures for longer, giving occupants enough time to evacuate the building.

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