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Offering High-Quality Spray On Fireproofing in Boston, MA

Ensure your commercial building or construction project has ample fire protection by seeking the services offered by RicMor Construction, Inc. We provide various solutions for spray on fireproofing in Boston, MA, to help eliminate fire hazards within your building. Our experienced fireproofing contractors have the tools and resources needed to apply fire resistant materials throughout your property to help keep your facility and its occupants much safer. To learn more about the fireproofing services we have to offer or to discuss your construction project with our team, reach out to our office.

Complete Fire Protection Solutions

Our company understands how important it is to ensure your building project is completely fire resistant. That is why we offer our fire protection for construction projects to general contractors and building managers throughout Boston and Suffolk County, MA. As experienced subcontractors, we will ensure that the right materials are used in your building. Additionally, we are fully licensed as applicators of CAFCO products, further ensuring that your building has the correct fire protection. So, when you need a specialized team to apply fireproof materials to your building, trust us to handle the work.